Things to do in Lethem

Here are some of the things you can do in Lethem.

Getaway from the ordinary

lethemLethem is a border town between Brazil and Guyana. Because of its proximity there is a rich blend of cultures – Portuguese, Amerindian and Guyanese.
Lethem provides the opportunity to getaway from the ordinary life in the cities. The environment brings a feel of wilderness blended with a hint of modern facilities. You will be able to access the Internet, watch cable television and use your cell-phone. But what is more intriguing, is the opportunity to experience nature at its best. With access to the Kunuku mountains, the Rupununi Savannah, Bon Fin and Boa Vista (Brazil), a number of water falls in the area, rivers, lakes etc. the activities are limited only to your imagination. Click here to see more pictures of Lethem.

Visit Brazil

bonfin1The Takatu River that runs through Lethem separates Guyana from Brazil. Visitors to this region get a chance to see and enjoy a taste of both countries. You may be able to visit Bon Fin from Lethem without travel documents but if you are interested to venture deeper into to Brazil you will need your passport and a card to show that you have been vaccinated against yellow fever. A few hours by taxi from the Guyana/Brazil border is Boa Vista, a little more upscale town than both Lethem and Bon Fin. Visitors go here for shopping and dining.
Ori Hotel can make all the arrangements for your visit.

Iwokrama & the Rupununi Savannah

rupununiThe savannah plain can be an exciting place for the adventure seekers. The area is vast and it  is dotted with a number of Amerindian villages.  Here you can go bird watching, fishing, hunting, sight seeing or camping. The savannah is home to the famous jaguar and the harpy eagle. During the wet season some parts of the savannah becomes flooded.
In the same area is the Iwokrama International Centre for research and conservation. This occupies a  371,000 hectares of rainforest. See more information here.

Cool off in the Waterfalls

kumufallsIn Guyana we have a lot of waterfalls of which the Kaieteur falls is only one in over 276. A few hours by taxi from Lethem you can visit the Kumu falls (see video here) and the Moco-Moco falls. Both attractions can prove very rewarding. The Moco-Moco falls is named after a small village with about 400 people. The Moco-Moco is sometimes seasonal, in the dry season the water can be reduced to a trickle – ask us when you are ready to visit and we can tell you more. The Kumu falls is also named after the village nearby and it is located at the foot of the Kanuku mountains.

Night Life

The night life in Lethem can be exciting for the party type of explorers. The two nights to enjoy nightly activities are Thursday and Saturday nights. On a Thursday night you will find a few karaoke bars that offers a variety of cutters and beverages. You get a change to taste and experience the different cultures. On Saturday nights you get a chance to eat, drink and dance. Saturday nights are mostly club and bar entertainment.

Lethem/Rupununi  Calendar Events

rodeo 4The Annual Rupununi Rodeo

This is an event that takes place every year around March/April and consists of an entire weekend of activities. Thousands of visitors flock Lethem each year for this. Read more about some of the activities here.

Amerindian Heritage Month/Rupununi Day

Annually in the month of September, Lethem is filled with a surge of events relating to Amerindian heritage. Rupununi Day is a special where the people of the area use to exhibit their art and culture. At this time visitors get a chance to understand more about the natives in the area.

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